Perlin (PERL) Hits New High (Additional 60%+ Mapped)

BINANCE:PERLBTC   Perlin / Bitcoin
Perlin ( PERLBTC ) today hit a new high after a higher low, just as we mentioned we would see happen with the altcoins.

We are now in an uptrend for this and hundreds of other pairs... This uptrend can last for years...
Great, there is so much more that is yet to come.

We have prices moving above EMA200, EMA300, and MA200 today for PERLBTC .

We have very high volume and strongly bullish indicators.

Additional information, plus the next target, is marked on the chart.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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It is really looking good. Thanks.
+2 Reply
Thx for the idea, worked out quite well. Have any further expectations? It might hit/overcome resistance at 445??
Thanks for the shared guess. And now that it hits 350 satoshi, what can we expect, was that all from PEARL?