Perpetual Protocol HODL Long

FTX:PERPPERP   Perpetual Perpetual Futures
just some fun for some BanklessDAO Fam!! #Markets

Here we have PERP Daily time frame. Elliot Wavers will understand that this broke the previous 1 wave of 5, signaling that the 5 wave identified is the end of the 5 wave and we have been correcting ever since. Hit the Golden Pocket. Low Market cap tokens often are a little messy in hitting their algo targets. If this low holds i will be looking for a 1 to 1 fib extension (100x+) with some take profit along the way and HODLing some for the 1.618 fib extension.

The pitch fork is added confluence and if you redraw a new pitchfork from the bottom of the 5 wave to the top of the 5 wave and down to the low, you may realize that a 50x move to the red median line is an 80% probablility with very close stop loss.

that being said if bitcoin takes off and leaves alt coins behind one could expect to find support and a great buy opportunity at historic lows. for sure i will try to catch a wick down there.

So if you are bullish on DEFI and check out the exchange and like it, well it looks like an opportunity to me to have fun. this is of course not financial advice.