PFE Pfizer short term Price Target

NYSE:PFE   Pfizer, Inc
With the new Covid-19 Delta Variant which is more contagious than the other virus strains the question is if you want to get vaccinated or get COVID-19.

PFE Pfizer has a great vaccine, a decent P/E Ratio ( TTM ) of 20.34, pays Forward Dividend & Yield of 1.56 (3.89%) and it is not at all time high like MRNA for example.

Expected sales from vaccine in 2021: $15bn-$30bn

My short term price target is 44usd.

i`m looking forward to read your opinion about it.


Right idea I'm thinking! Played MRNA to a tee and shuffled some cards into $45 call options here with anticipation it will go beyond that by EOM. GLTA!
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@stsoumpas, great
Great job @AidanMDang !
I also expect soon 44$ - PFE i a good company with very good market cap, and the correction next weeks will be small that other company.
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@turolin, indeed
Wonderful job!Thanks
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@OptimoomFX, pleasure