Penny stocks: Pharming (3/5) Education + Spread your investments

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Please be advised that this is only an idea, so you are responsible for any losses yourself.

Dear followers,

First of all, many thanks for following and liking my ideas. As promised I provide you with some penny stocks today, but for the most part I keep focusing on the crypto analyses.

Do you know people who had to leave their home because they could no longer pay their mortgage after losing a job? I do. No matter how bad it is for them, these people have made a mistake at an earlier stage. Probably out of ignorance. Did you hear the stories about people who lost their money in the stock market in 2002 and went to drugs? I do. What if the crypto market crashes? Have you lost all your money? Then you have made exactly the same mistake.

The trick is to create multiple cash flows. A job, maybe two or trhee jobs, cryptos, currencies, interest, stocks, dividends, et cetera. When one or two cash flows are lost, you can still continue to live in your house. Otherwise you have still made a mistake by buying an overpriced house that you actually could not afford.

This is why I provide you today with 5 penny stocks that are technically right, about to break out and have a great profit potential for the coming years. Imagine one of these companies is a sleeping giant? Two shares rise a little, one falls and one company goes bankrupt? By spreading your investments you still have the jackpot and you have perhaps made a 1000% return or more!

The third penny stock is one of my favorites, Pharming Group. I already made a lot of money with this stock, because I'm in since 0.20 and I just increased my position. Pharming Group N.V. is committed to the development of innovative products for the treatment of unmet medical needs. It focusses on the development and production of human therapeutic proteins to provide life-changing solutions to patients.

Pharming is ready to break out. Fundamentally, their turnover increases exponentially! If we close with a candle above the blue trendline a breakout is confirmed. (Click the play button on the chart to look for confirmation) Our first target will be €1,80 but I've this stock in my long-term portfolio. I put the risk on low, because I did a lot of research to this company and I know their products and numbers very well.

Buy: Now or if it breaks out.

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Trade active:
+4% today and a close above resistance. I expect a green candle tomorrow. Let's see!
Trade active:
A close above 1.347 is needed to reach 1.60-1.80 levels.
Trade active:
Intraday breakout. If we close above this resistance we can reach 1.60-1.80 levels soon.


We did it as expected. We are trading 15% higher now. €1.50. Next targets are €1.60 and €1.80.
Trade active: