$PINS overview

NYSE:PINS   Pinterest, Inc
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I've had a true love for Pinterest ($PINS) since the beginning of the year, they are one of my favorite public companies out. I myself am not an avid user of the platform, however I do know a great number of friends and family that are religious users of this social media platform. Pinterest is a community based message board that allows users to publicly share other ideas that they want to share to their followers; in pair, users can also post their own ideas for their follower base. Pinterest is great for people with in an interest in practically anything (within reason, of course). With a growing technology-driven world, an app like Pinterest will *likely* continue to see user growth, their average user growth was up 37% in 2020, which followed a 30% growth the following year.

I myself secured an entry at $66 per share, and as of this post $PINS is sitting at a share price of $76.99 at close Friday, July 10. I averaged up this past Thursday at the $75 price point, and am approaching my first take profit point. Short, mid, and long term simple moving averages have done a bowl pattern and have turned bullish , and momentum has followed. Although SMA has turned, momentum appears to be headed to be headed toward a resistance point. Though I love Pinterest and their operations, as well as their current price action, I am currently neutral on $PINS short term. Though both short and medium term bullish patterns have not been broken, but there are two potential bearish patterns forming, both formed at existing resistance at $90 per share. If $PINS can power through this momentum resistance, they have room to break through the current $90 price ceiling, and could touch a $100 share price by years end.

Price points are as follows:


There is 43% upside on this medium-term trade from its current entry point. Current stop loss is my original entry. I will be giving an update soon, Pinterest's activity on the charts in the next couple of weeks could tell the tale of what to expect for performance into 2022.

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