NASDAQ:PLAY   Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc
I am always suspicious when I get a ticker that also seems to have a message. But, historically, they have been accurate enough.
The idea is to expect a low in PLAY tomorrow. The area I'm getting is $44.56 (bell going off cuz I also got the number 56 in my GME reading... idk bout that).
Anyway, PLAY found resistance at the downtrend line yesterday and today, hopefully, it finds support tomorrow and will go back up and bust through. Buy the dip.
Comment: Hit target lower and actually went even further to 44.16 and is reversing. Now 44.78 down 2.2%
Was down 3.3% around the low.
Comment: Got ugly (down over 5%), but is holding symmetry support at 43.12. LOD 43.05 and is trying to recover. Regardless, I don't like the indexes and suspect any longs could be hurt. I'll just observe.
Comment: Oh, I now get that they had earnings. So, PLAY was up at $47.95 this morning. That's an 11.4% swing from yesterday's low and it's giving it back now and only up 1.7% from over 7% earlier. This was a really good one for the journal.