PLG let's look behind the graph.

AMEX:PLG   Platinum Group Metals Ltd
PLG let's look behind the graph. A Platinum Group Metals LTD . It is an explorer of one of the largest palladium mineral layers in the world. This mineral layer is located in the Waterberg province of South Africa. Palladium could be one of the success metals of the years to come. Target price can be up to 4000 usd. The future value of the palladium and platinum layers of the Waterberg mine is estimated at $ 40-50 billion. In 2018, PLG submitted a mining permit application to the South African Ministry. The opinion has appeared in social media in recent days that the PLG insider transaction has intensified significantly, so it can be assumed that the mining license may arrive this year. In 2018, PLG’s management prepared a mining feasibility plan based on automated robot technology. This keeps mining costs lower than competing miners. From the side of Chart analysis, it can be seen that the waveforms found in 1, 2, 3, (purple rectangles) are very similar. These suggest that PLG’s management is consciously building up the share price with insider trading. If we look at yesterday’s insider trading then 95% of yesterday’s total stock trading was accounted for by insider transactions. For investors, this means that a serious company is starting to recover. It is worth considering the company as both a long-term and a medium-term investor. The chat also shows that current insider trading has created an accumulation phase. From this accumulation phase, a further rising wave sequence is expected at a target price of 11 usd.