PLG to $14 in Nov to gain over 4x? Accumulation Cylinder

AMEX:PLG   Platinum Group Metals Ltd
I have been watching PLG for sometime now and it seems we have reached a possibly strong inflection point.
We have a double back test from previous resistance.
One long term finding support from previous bottom resistance
Another short term indicating another possible reversal.
RSI is showing momentum is about to break the current downward trend
Current correction is testing the lower edge of the channel.
Estimating that around November 12 we will see PLG at around $14 for a +4x gain.
Using Gann Fan and Jesse Livermore Accumulation Cylinder from previous bump and run
This chart is full of good historic data showing strong potential for quick gains

Comment: The 1.272 Fibonacci extension target is $14.14

Comment: An attempt at labeling Wycoff Accumulation points

Comment: Elliott Wave views

Comment: Thinking the estimate is incorrect
Watching a falling wedge
Thinking next support is $2.34