What you should know about PLTR! 👀

NYSE:PLTR   Palantir Technologies Inc
What you should know about PLTR! 👀

Today PLTR stressed our support levels we talked about yesterday, but it didn’t break them. These supports are holding the stock pretty well, and the more it accumulates above these levels, more interesting will be PLTR’s next movement.

I think this is a good movement on PLTR . The BBs are getting tight again, and the RSI is starting to get oversold.

But maybe this is not enough:

We just hit a resistance, and we have a bearish engulfing in the daily chart . The pattern was triggered today, and the RSI has a long way before it gets attractive again.

All of this indicates more correction, but I don’t think this correction will last too long. The closer it gets to the 25, the better. Soon it’ll give us another trade. No, it is not the time to buy, thanks to these signs, but it is not the time to go short either. Let’s calmly wait for our next play. I’ll update you guys every day. Keep in mind that our target is the 30s!

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Thanks Melissa!
@bbtunlimited, U are welcome! ;)
Hi Mellisa. What's your entry point if PLTR gives us a new trade?
@lgbucci43930, I'm not sure yet!