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Power companies may have a disruptive force entering their lives within the the next 10 years 2025-2030 timeline as powerledger will inevtiably become the biggest independant competiter to the government backed electrical giants
,buying your energy to the grid at a Fixed price aka ,0.33cents Per KWH when it only costs them 0.05 cents to generate the energy, will slowly creep into the minds of the masses and will realise they have been getting ripped off the whole time purely due to no open market within the electrical center being currently open.
Power ledger offers a solution to Fixed prices of buying KWH for 0.33 and selling it for 0.05cents that is an open market,i can buy my KWH with Powerledger for 20cents Per KWH from george an say if i have some extra energy left over i can put a sell order of 0.09cents PER KWH to the open market for someone else who needs that power.

People that have a battery/inverter of sorts such as the tesla battery say okay so i can make a descion to sell my excess energy for 0.08 cents per KWH Using Powerledger to jeffrey that lives 100kms away and jeffrey has had an overcast day and doesn't have enough energy to supply his house for the day but also doesnt want to buy from the grid at a fixed price at 0.33 cents he can buy his required amount KWH for 0.08cents and maybe buys 4 hours with which is 0.32cents per KWH which is the same price for 1 hour at the grid vs 4 hours on an open market.

It is just a matter of time until the electrical companies will have to adapt to an open market selling at a cheaper price due to new conditions being placed.
The tesla system battery/inverter recognizes there's not enough energy coming in from the solar panels to provide enough energy for the household for that particular day ie . on an overcast day and hence will start using power from the main grid at a fixed rate.0.33cents per KWH
Powerledger is an open market for energy buy and sell that allows individuals with storage facilitys like a tesla batttery/inverter to buy energy at KWH for a fluid price on the open market that is powerledger.
1 kilo watt hour is the same 1000w heater used for 1 hour.

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