PPL Great time to get into my long signal for PPL

NYSE:PPL   PPL Corporation
Whats up everyone today was a busy day for me so I wasn't able to do much charting and posting on here, but as you can see if you got into my PPL signal it was just downgraded. Which for us is a GOOD thing, we can add more to our cheap long investment for September 2020, which is a couple months away its still in profit but has gone down, If you already sold for profit this is a great time to get in once again. Right now we are trying to go back to $30.60, and unless some sort of bad news comes out we wont worry because PPL has touched a strong resistance ( Horizontal Ray ) and is bouncing back to the upside. And this is also a reliable Dividend stock that pys 1. 40 a year per share, and is slowly increasing it every year for 8 years now.

Once again if anyone has questions about the paid trading group and wants to join, please direct message me and I will answer any questions that may concern you.

Also, this week im going to try to post more than I usually do. And I appreciate everyone trusting my charts and motivating me to keep going through my trading journey.