PPT +75000% Potential, target range $460-$522 January 2022

I am testing my long term targeting skills and published this so I can look back over a year from now and check my work. This token is something I am holding.

I am using the PPT /USD monthly chart. Last month just closed above the 8 EMA , so I am taking that as a signal PPT token is ready to go on it's next big run.

I Plotted Grand Fibonacci lines projected out from the $.75 cent top from June 2020. They seem to line up appropriately with the chart history, so I trust them to be accurate.

I then Plotted a Fibonacci extension from $.75 up to the all time high of $124. Just to check , I played with moving down from $.75 to $.35 and the final result was a differnce of about $3 at the final target. Too small of a difference for me to care.

The result is a target range from Grand Fibonacci $460.91 to Fib Extension 4.23 at $522.86.

I'm assuming that if it's 27 months from top to bottom, then about 20 from bottom to top sounds right to me +/- a few months either direction. 20 Months is January 2022.

Lastly I drew an Elliot wave 1-2-3-4-5 pattern to the 23.6% Fib line at $29.82 as my most likely wave 3 top due to heavy resistance there.
Comment: Looks like PPT is right on track for my projection. The one thing I will mention is that if the S&P starts to tank from the weekly 8 EMA then all bets are off in the near term. Longer term I am still HODLing a good % of what I have.

This message was sent out to my telegram channel 3 days ago on 3/4/21.
"Here is my take profit target for exiting about 25-50% of my holdings. Looking at around $27 which is about 1060% higher than current price.

This is a position I am irresponsibly long with. The responsible thing to do would be to put about 2% of my portfolio into this token. I entered with about 4%, and now it has climbed it's way up to around 15% last I checked.

Anyway, PPT looks like it's headed for a breakout above $3 very soon, and then it's off to about $5. Beyond that it's off to the races.


Here is the updated chart from this morning.
Comment: Yeah, and then 20 minutes later this happened
Comment: Now is a decent time to re-enter PPT again. Turns out that Wall Street Bets pump and Dumped PPT. Now the price has pulled back 84% from the peak and ETH is on the move again. Time to back up the truck on PPT while everyone is scared and selling.