AMEX:PSLV   Sprott Physical Silver Trust ETV
Not much else to say except
a buy zone near 3200 and .382 chosen from %

Target for $PSLV is 31$....
Sprott etv's are heavily weighted to the price of silver , which for decades has been accumulating in extremely complex impulses and wxyxz corrections.

The book that I learned wave principle from contained a late 1970's prediction based on the massive abcdefgh...... triangle that had been forming

a failure to break the green 200ma would be my indication that it's actually time for silver .
None of this has to do with anything you think you heard anywhere else about silver . You don't need to know any of it to understand that any chart can be traded 100% on technical analysis on any time frame... The price of silver has hardly ever spent time over 15$ in its lifespan, and expect it to stay at this price level for an extremely long time in order for these patterns to complete
Comment: some of you might be shocked when I point out something like this?
Comment: I'm looking for an X wave, followed by Z

Then, orange underlying x followed by Z
Comment: Seriously tho - what follows is triple digit silver/Oz based on wave 1 fibs from the 1970's
Comment: Using %
Comment: Unless we send it clear through the orange 3200ma, might be one of the last lower accumulation points for some time if at all