Buy PVR at 950-1000 Rs, has potential to gain more than 100%

Technical Part : Stock was rejected upside after last week rally, it didn't have any price support in that trajectory, we saw the profit booking on Monday.
Some might say, it happened due to financial report but that was just a bite at the cherry.
Now stock has retraced more than 50% and heading towards 61.80%. It is Excellent Bargain Price where you can get in,
Stock has great upside potential of more than 100%
Fundamental Part: High growth Stock
P/V ratio 4.15, Good
EV /EBITDA ratio 6.19,Excellent
High FII investment
Return on asset and Profit Margin has decrease due to this quarter otherwise it was good

"Overall it is a great purchase, if you hold it for more than 6 month. People will rush towards entertainment once everything will be okay"