PVR NSC 14th Dec

Hi traders,

this is a price action analysis of the PVR LTD Co. and i can see that there are some good chances to SELL CALL option at strike price :1700
SELL PUT option at strike price of 1100 with strike date of 31 DEC 2020
we can see currently we are facing a heavy resistance zone and there are high chances that the market gets range or goes bearish if not able to break the 1500 to 1650 resistance zone
we are hoping the price to be range bound between 1100 and 1700 so you can pocket the premium money
with selling both call and put you can increase your breakeven price on both the upper and lower side of the setting

in this scenario we are betting against the volatility of the market and wishing the market to be range bound so we can capitalize on the premium

please comment your opinions
Comment: we have reached a heavy resistance zone
lets see what happens here