PXS waiting, waiting, breakout!

NASDAQ:PXS   Pyxis Tankers Inc
This is a lesson in PAYtience!! Looking for a retest gap, opening at $1.35/$1.37 with a small run upwards, then down to retest $1.32/$1.30. This is perfectly in line with trending support action, and if volume reacts, this could pave a new bull motion outside of the $1.18 - $1.35 channel. I hope the double bottom gets confirmed with bull movement. MACD is parallel, waiting, waiting... RSI is quietly waiting, waiting...

However, the one kink in all of this is Earnings , right around the corner!! I hate playing towards approaching Earnings! Please let there be only good news, minimizing bad news impact .

*Let's see what happens!*

*Disclaimer- I am not a financial advisor. These are merely my opinions. Do your own research and formulate your own opinions regarding any moves you make. Seek professional assistance.