This should be the trade of your life. If it works out then best trade of all time.

Liquid - Japan's first fully regulated crypto exchange has just announced movement into USA market and is pending approval.
Recently backed by 1bil investment round.
Fiat/Crypto exchange (tether free) with markets in USD, JPY, EUR, SGD, HKD with more Fiat/Crypto pairs to come
World Book coming to link regulated exchange partners - Will have the volume to dwarf all exchanges. Gemini (working with NASDAQ) already approved with more to come.
Up to x25 (CRYPTO BACKED!!! - BAKKT haven't even managed to open, let alone achieve this) 100x CFD (Same as Bitmex but regulated)
Unreal team and investors from Rakuten, Yahoo, Softbank , JAFCO, JPmorgan...
Audited by Deloitte
Will offer Prime brokerage etc..

This exchange has been building and testing for the last 18 months. It has been a rocky road treading on new ground. When Binance cannot get regulation in the states, Japan, or anywhere where institutional money will want to go (Binance signed up to this project back in the day but JFSA rejected them for their dealings, just like the SEC is about to) then this exchange and token value will go through the roof.

QASH is about to rebrand to Liquid Token + USA move + Only regulated 100x margin exchange in the states + Release of LDL details in near future etc....

The token has been obliterated thanks to NDA's and the project being so secretive (a side-effect of regulation) Its a total bargain. Sitting on key support as the market itself is about to turn. Sold all my BNB for this last month and I am scaling in (liquidity is an issue as most of it is now in whales hands)

Bounce off RSI rising support
Bull div on 1D
OBV showing large accumulation

Feel HYPE but DYOR
Comment: And like prophecy Binance was hacked last night.

You were warned.

Looks like Binance had to sell BNB (it's SAFU fund) to cover this epic flaw in a non-cold wallet system. Absolutely awful!!! I feel sorry for the users of Binance.

We now have Justin Sun saying he will flood the market with his money?!?!! THIS IS INCREDIBLY DODGY!! I WOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF BNB.

This is the start of the transition. You will see the end of scam exchanges and regulated exchanges rise like Liquid, Gemini, Coinbase (although already massive)
Comment: According to The Merkle Hash: “The QASH token will allegedly rival Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future, as it is expected that QASH will be adopted by financial institutions and fintech startups as a method of payment.”

author of the Merkle Hash is a bull

On the future of QASH:

“I believe our QASH Token will be top 3 in global crypto market cap within a couple of years at the latest. I want everyone who shares this vision to join our journey.. It is going to be amazing. You should see our management team and our directors and angel investors. The only way to assemble such a team and supporters is because we all share in the same mission.”
Comment: Liquid Exchange is holding the Telegram GRAM sale - Another reason to hold QASH