Buying to own QIWI on the pullback

Being interested in crypto, QIWI is one I have been looking at. They have had several crypto related stories surrounding them, such as applying to trademark "bitruble"

QIWI also launched it's own subsidiary "QIWI Blockchain Technologies", and acquired InspiRussia.

InspiRussia also hosted a blockchain and IT event, which further shows QIWI's interest in blockchain.

And the QIWI CEO has reportedly made a big bet on the Telegram ICO (GRAM)... which may or may not be a scam. Telegram user base is in the hundreds of millions, though they do not have a profitable model. So the "Uber strategy" is a concern here.

Finally, a few words on the chart. This morning, QIWI was well above the bollinger bands AND at the top of a very relevant, long-term channel. This was a very logical resistance area , and I even bought a few puts on QIWI here....

But my intention is to consider buying QIWI to own, and will look to buy the pullback. Thought I'd bring this company to light if you wanted to do your own research on it. I'd really like to pick some up around the 100 SMA . (which are relatively the same area on both the weekly and daily charts )

About doing research, I published WARNING: Cryptocurrency Mine Field this morning. If you want to check it out to see a few scams and frauds facing the crypto market right now.

God Bless