QIWI has been dead for years, new opportunity could emerge soon

I'm slightly bullish on QIWI here are the reasons
- the company has good fundamentals, just read the annual reports and numbers, the growth is ok and the company is in good financial situation
- there was interest in taking over this company and a tender offer of $27 although failed last year, at least we know how much this company could have been sold for
- the market has forgotten this stock. this stock used to be such a popular pick back in 2013 when it got ipo'ed. but unfortunately after a huge rally it peaked quickly and slided down for almost 5 years. now no one is paying attention to this according our social media analysis. Im sure this post will only be read by few individuals anyway.

Thera are also few other things:
- Price action is very interesting and indicates future bullishness in our quantitative model
- institutional holding data revealed interesting things to us
- there is a tons of bearish sentiment around this company especially among russian investors themselves. we've seen few articles in russia (using google translate) that says the company should go to 0. we've seen such behaviours in many global markets just when the stock is about the rally in near future.
- world cup is happening in Russia, some good russian companies could be getting some attention in the financial market soon and this could be one of the catalyst for QIWI
- a lot of sports betting goes through QIWI as primary payment method. WORLD CUP will definitely help increasing the transaction volume
Comment: looks like we just had a wash and rinse yesterday. a lot of people's stop loss got triggered as it spiked 20% down, 2 mil shares were traded in a single day. was it really a wash and rinse for the further upside?