NDX / QQQ Supports That May Spark the Next Bear Rally

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Primary Chart: 11-Month Downtrend Lines, Support at June and September 2022 Lows Forming Right-Angled Triangle, Fibonacci Levels

The Nasdaq 100 ( NASDAQ:NDX or NASDAQ:QQQ ) has been in a sharp downtrend nearly all year with intermittent bear rallies that have been sharp and powerful. A week ago, despite price having already fallen significantly from August 16, 2022 peaks, this author identified the likelihood that the downtrend would continue even further to short-term targets at $269-$270. (More aggressive targets in a range from $254 to $267 were also identified in the September 2022 post, but those have not been reached yet.)

Now that price has fallen almost exactly to the June 2022 lows, a support line across those lows can be drawn—and this support level intersects with the downward trendlines (there are two alternative downward trendlines on the Primary Chart). When these two support levels intersect with the downward trendlines , a right-angled triangle is formed. This is also known as a descending triangle .

Because this is a multi-month triangle, it may not break easily; however, this bear market has broken conventional expectations repeatedly, so anything is possible. But price could make more than one attempt to break the lower edge of the triangle before succeeding. The next chart shows one such possibility. Note that there are many possibilities, and this remains just a single hypothetical price path that reflects the concept that horizontal line of a multi-month right-angled triangle might not break on the first attempt as lesser supports can.

Supplementary Chart A: Right-Angled Triangle with Hypothetical Price Path Involving Whipsaw Break Before a Successful Break Later in the Year

This hypothetical possibility does not make the chart bullish . It just recognizes that price action can work to confound bears and bulls alike. And it acknowledges that price can reach oversold extremes right at critical multi-month supports, which may require two or more attempts to break. Whipsaws are not uncommon on both intraday and longer-term time frames.

Even though the NDX / QQQ remains within a strong downtrend, the sharp rallies this past year have shown that even the bears have to be ready for anything. Bears anticipating a straight line lower can get annihilated.

The lower edge of this right-angled triangle is also right at multi-year support identified in the above-referenced post published September 22, 2022. Like a multi-month triangle, multi-year support may not break on the first attempt. Or if it does break in the next week, the first break may end up being a whipsaw break, that leads to price recovering back above the support (and lower edge of the triangle) to rally or chop further until the final break, which could be weeks or months away.

Supplementary Chart B: Multi-Year Support Level (Blue Rectangle )

The . 618 retracement level is another level of interest that could hold and spark another bear rally. This level is the yellow line on the next chart, and it lies at $258 on QQQ . Another Fibonacci level has confluence with the .618 R, and lies just beneath it (teal blue).

Supplementary Chart C: Two Circles Identifying Target Zones That Could Spark the Next Bear Rally

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Comment: SPX and NDX have been trading similarly lately, and a bounce appears to be underway in both. Because of the severity of the downtrend and bear market this year, these relief rallies could fail at any time.


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