Stocks To Watch This Week

NASDAQ:QQQ   Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1
The Market may have some more room to the downside with the longer term uptrend still intact, many growth names remain choppy at best. These names have shown good relative strength and accumulation volume and most are in the growth sector. This may give good risk/reward entries on some of the best names. Some of these charts still need to confirm their price action. This video is my watchlist. Most of these names are at or near all time highs or multi year highs. There are 24 total stocks on this list. I add an additional 5 stocks that are on my potential short squeeze watch list. Many of these have IPO'd in the last few years and still have a growth story ahead of them. Know your time frame and risk tolerance. Know your earnings dates! I go through these quickly so grab a pencil and paper and jot down the names that look interesting to you and then make the trade your own. Good Luck!


As always these weekly brainstorms and stock lists are helpful way to start the week. Your video is featured in Editors' Picks.
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Jtacher51 TradingView
@TradingView, Thank You as always TV
Great job as always , I am watching DAC and ASO for re-entry cautiously ( stopped out ) . Still in HPE and LOVE which have been holding up well. Jumped on ZEUS today as a new play and I did everything it should have imo. But ZEUS seems good I think . Like what you had to say about the QQQ and a potential double bottom too . I think progressive exposure is a good way to play this market .
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Jtacher51 NAK1987
@NAK1987,Thank You!, Progressive exposure is what I am doing also, I added some yesterday. It looks like the channel is holding and higher lows are being made
NAK1987 Jtacher51
@Jtacher51, Thanks for the reply , agreed . Zeus, my main add for yesterday, had a weak day today .. still holding the 20 and 10 ema but sellers won the candle and the battlefield today for that name . GHG was another one I took a starter in yesterday , mostly volume based, it did well today .
Could you post your link for twitter so I can follow you on there? I am a beginner and I learn quite a bit from watching your videos.I am trying to learn chart patterns and I enjoy watching you identify and discuss them. It helps me a lot. Thank you man!
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oavilez864 louissilas-ak
@louissilas-ak, I'm a first time beginner. Ready to go all the way up to the day I collapse or time of ENDING. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH ANYTHING LIKE TRADING OR THE OPTIONS. IM SEEKING A GROUP WITH A MASTER MIND. UP TO THE END OF TRADES..
Jtacher51 louissilas-ak
@louissilas-ak, The link is on my Trading view Home Page, I'm not sure if I am allowed to link it here.