BATS:QQQ   Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1
soon see a reversal


If you see the 5 year returns for this pair starting from 5th March 2007; the return on QQQ is 42% while that on IXF is -30% ; they have always been diverging in the long term. Do you have an explanation ?
billy_bucks siddharthagarwal
The basic idea was not in divergence. I wrote that on Gann, we had a price reversal. If more, this picture looks like. If you look at the minima of 09.10.2002 and 19.11.2007, the difference in these prices with the price of March 5, gives us the result of 39 and 45, which corresponds to a cycle of 273 and 319 days, which are important for the reversal. Not only that, March is the beginning of a new cycle, which only gives reason to be of a price reversal