$QS PT $32 (up to $39) [End of Year]

NYSE:QS   QuantumScape Corporation
There has been a lot of negative media around $QS but this is because they adjusted their approach to developing those batteries, transitioning to a safer and more practical method of battery development. With that said, QuantumScapes CEO stated in an interview on April 28, 2021, that his firm expects to have major deliverables by the end of the year.

Fundamentally, $QS is a sound start-up that continues to meet milestones; financials and operational cash-flow is healthy, suggesting higher intrinsic value than what is present. There is much more information but for the sake of time, they are meeting the major criteria to be considered a quality stock.

Technically, they have stepped into accumulation phase with buy signals coming from the bollinger band , oscillators, RSI , and MACD . As well, volume depletion has weakened, suggesting that buyers will re-enter the market soon!

Happy Investing!