Things You Might Wanna Know About $QTUM. Bottom Line?

BITTREX:QTUMBTC   Qtum / Bitcoin
I published a quite many "long" category charts at the moment, not because of bias, but because of it indeed the buy season!

QTUM sounds like Quantum for me... and quantum for refer to quantum computer. A Super computer which one day is way better than what we have today. Nope. They're Not.

What is QTUM? QTUM is a coin that separating the settlement and computation layers of blockchain allow for greater flexibility. Qtum’s stacked approach enables multiple virtual machines or run environments to operate on top of the blockchain.

They're getting ready for the business.

As QTUM on have 101 mills total supply, minus 15 thousands, it actually have 89 mills on circulating.

The fact that you need to know that QTUM has a predicted cycles which right now it's already on the very bottom of it screaming: BUY MEH BIAAATCHHH!!!

QTUM is a solid project until today, but just like most of the project on the game, the chart is quite suffer in bear market.

After a very long wait in the game, this coin can be pumped anytime soon. So still have a chance to accumulate right now. Don't miss the train. This bag will be boring as I recognize them as slow market lately but, it'll be pretty much worth it.

Follow targets on the Fibonacci.

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nice trade
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