RADS on the RISE

Hello everyone,

Simple Day chart of Radium ( RADS )

Hovering just above the all time low we can see a beautifull big pennant forming

Now, why dit i take a position?

1. We are the bottom. (allmost)
2. Swap to stratis comming (30 june) -
3. Indicators tell me there is room for growth ( RSI and MACD )
4. low marketcap
5. Not hyped yet, if it starts i'm in before the FOMO
6. BTC looks positive

Market Cap
$14.127.266 USD
Circulating Supply
3.490.920 RADS

I have set a few targets, see map!

This is not advice for you to buy this coin, this just a wakeup call to what hidden potential some coins have.