Rain Industries long position with target of 199 in 126 days

Rain Industries Limited (RAIN) is one of the world's leading producers of calcined petroleum coke, coal tar pitch and other high-quality basic and specialty chemicals. The group continues to grow through capacity expansions, and mergers and acquisitions across the world.
My entry is at 132 and target is of 199 (50%) with stop loss of 102 (22.5%)

While reading chart I noticed Stock is very Volatile and gives jump of 10% every week up or down.

My recommendation would be to book profit when Big Day candle is made and re-entry after securing SL
It has to sustain above 149 to make upto Target.
Target of 199 can be seen in 126days as shown in chart with reference of 26Nov time frame.

Volume is also rising slowly after big fall on 14May2018.
MacD (12,26,9) shows downside but it's reversing from last 2 days gain. Keeping an eye

Price of 300 is very difficult as per current plotting on chart considering volatility .

Positive flags:
Strong Performers - High DVM Stocks
1472.85% returns