by volume profile and VSA fibo levels are matching each other
we expecting correction levels same as shown on the chart


what is the blue and yellow volume looking indicator on the left side of the chart called? Thank you.
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ConcordDeath trad3ordi3
@trad3ordi3, volume profile
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I have been trying to understand the session volume profile. When I turn on the values which is supposed to show the buy and sell volume. However I noticed that the sum of the total buy and sell volume which is the figures at the bottom of the profile does not equal to the volume for the day as indicated by the volume bar at the bottom of the chart. Example : TSLA 28 May the buy and sell volume are indicated in the profile as 265.372k and 328.937k giving a total of 594.309k. However the daily volume bar at the bottom of the chart shows a volume of 22.737m shares. Can someone help me understand this discrepancy ? Much appreciate
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@irlew, no it dosnt work like this
send me a message
irlew ConcordDeath
@ConcordDeath, if the numbers in the blue and yellow bars does not represent volume, what does it represent? Much appreciate if you can help me the numbers. Thanks