RAY - RAYDIUM - What goes down, must go ... UP? :) v.3439 lfg

FTX:RAYUSD   Raydium / USD
RAY - RAYDIUM - What goes down, must go ... UP? :) v.3439 lfg

This has been a sweet risky play since the bottom. Good returns.
I don't think Raydium is going anywhere and will become a key swap platform until a potential regulation strangle attempt?
Anyway. Speculative but I have some faith in the SRM-RAY-SOL Ben trifecta.

Lead us into the promised land Sir Bankman-Fried.

I've clearly drank the cool aid.

I linked my old idea so you can see how this one rekt me so hard. but i still have faith for some reason. defi aint dead baby she'll rise from the ashes like a phoenix.
Comment: first squiggle has hit the bullseye. waiting on this one for reentry. also AVAX. same thing happening on those two i think.
Comment: so far so good. even getting the big ass dump. target 9.21 if the squiggle doesn't lie.
Comment: seems to be going off the prediction here, lose this level we prob plummet back down.
care is def required here.
Comment: plummet protection was apparently used. looks like the green arrow correction is just getting stretched out here. we will need a move up soon to not invalidate this idea.
Comment: this is where you want to be careful fam. no farming just on exchange with stop.