UNISWAP:RBCWETH   Rubic / Wrapped Ether (0x10db3...52d28)
Well Up or down who's to stay
I like the project so I am Long term Bullish .(1-5 years) some real interesting stuff but I am not here to shill just draw lines for myself really to make myself feel better about calls and short term plays
It looks like it'll check the bottom again into the Buy areas(purple) and continue to crab along nicely until it breaks out of the triangle and then we could see another coinflip of movement soon then. Hopefully Up but it could easily break down into an Abyss. Whos to say.

My position as of posting is 14,936 RBC which == 5.8k USD.
The Tokenomics is pretty swell: <100 Million Marketcap Cap and a Total supply of 124 Million(100,700,000 RBC 81% currently circulating with a 3% release schedule (every 3 months iirc))

If you want to do your own research here's the main gotos

One pager and Whitepaper can be found Here: