#RDN is trading on Binance

BINANCE:RDNBTC   Raiden Network Token / Bitcoin
Everyone remembers the recent story with #MTL, which is + 150% on the expectations of opening deposits at Bithamba. Bithamb opens deposits slowly. Of the most likely candidates for the next announcement, these are #PPT and #RDN (although there are a number of coins, however, it is impossible to guess everything, so we take 2 coins that are the most likely).

The announcement about opening deposits is likely to be the other day. Coins, on which deposits will be opened, have a good opportunity to pump (not like MTL of course, but growth will still be good).

At the moment, the difference between the prices for #PPT on Bithamb and Binance is x1.65 (which is a lot). We take a coin with goals of 35-50-65% of the purchase. Stop at -20%. Do not forget about money management.

#RDN is trading on Binance

Buy: 0.00002819 or by market

1 goal - 0.00003805
2 target - 0.00004228
3 goal - 0.00004651+

If you are a risky guy or girl, set goals higher.

STOP: 0.00002255