RECAF Rockin the Gartley!!

OTC:RECAF   Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd
I'm a bit late to this party, but RECAF be a ROCKIN the Gartley Harmonic! Looks pretty clean. A-B is a full and clean .5 retrace. D is incredibly close to .886, B-D less than a tenth from a 1.618. X-D is right on. OOOh baby!!

Its not too late! the boat may have left but the Captain forgot his shades and should be coming back to port to get em! Following a 60% equity loss most stocks will see a .618-a full 1 retrace due to the recent memory of the colossal drop. When a solid retrace begins, fear of the 60% loss is still fresh causing panic selling. I expect a minimum of a .618 retrace $2.24, but a .782 $1.97 more likely

Target 1 .386
Target 2 .5
Target 3 C
Target 4 D
Target 5 is a 1.618 extension from X-A $6.64
Trade active: Target 1-4 complete
Trade closed: target reached