Reliance Chart For Long

Reliance give good Breakout After 74 days wait and watch if stock trade near this range with good volume go for the target of at least 10% with the given SL.
This Target Reach around 3 months
Trade active: after two days of consolidation it was close near 2300 level hold it with patience
Trade closed manually: As I shared a chart here and give update yesterday about this " now it will be fire"
and see today up move in reliance almost 6-7% return in just 2 day so in sort follow your analysis strongly and believe on that strongly you will make money easily in stock market. hope you all can find some informative information so please follow me here and on Facebook for more update soon we are going to uploading videos on YouTube also about our analysis so, make sure to subscribe on YouTube. If any one want to book some profit then defiantly book because market give move very fast on this so we can see some profit booking or consolidation on this stock also let's see hope for the best.
Trade closed: target reached: today's high is 2480, almost target reached so, please if stock trade below 2410 then book your profit because after a massive upside we can see some retracement from here.
if we have any update then we post or update here.