REN/USD Main trend. Accumulation 637. Distribution 637.

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Logarithm. Time frame 1 week. The main trend.

The psychology of accumulation and distribution zones.

The graph shows and describes the logic of work in the accumulation and distribution zones of large and small market participants (fuel). Coin as an example. It's always the same. But, always those who are “market fuel” are sure: "This time it will be different. But, no miracle happens. It's always the same. “Market fuel” changes cycle after cycle.

Most people's memories are short. Many people think they're special, or the timing is wrong... but it's always the same. In distribution, they willingly buy expensive. In the accumulation on the contrary, afraid, waiting lower, lower and so on...

Project and News

Ren is an open protocol that allows value to move between blockchains.

RIP-000-018: Financing Ren 2.0 and the Ren Foundation
Early last year, Alameda acquired Ren in partnership with Ren's previous management to provide long-term development funding.

Also, after the story with Alameda (scam, trial) in the network REN 1 will be shut down (waiting for the right moment according to the general market trend), the new network REN 2 will be launched. Read more on the project website itself (read between the lines).

ICO price 02 2018

ICO: 17200 REN = 1 ETH.
Now the price of ETH is about $ 1200, therefore, the price of the ICO in conversion to USD will be REN 0.069, which is slightly lower than the current price of 0.063

Linear graph

Secondary trend. Time Frame, 3 days.

The secondary trend is distinctly downward. A downward wedge is forming.
From the peak, the price decreased by -95% at the moment. This is very much, but if you consider the inadequate pumping of +11,000%, it is normal.

Think about it, the distribution has been 1.76 years. Many people got used to the “stable” price for such a long time and over time were no longer afraid to buy “cheap” because from the support of the distribution pumped by a significant % repeatedly. Also note that the accumulation and distribution over time of duration are identical.

I showed the maximum local pumping from the key support zones when the wedge is broken, i.e. the exit from the downtrend. Let me remind you that at the moment the trend has a pronounced downtrend.

You can work positional trading from the average buy/sell price of the medium/long term, or you can wait for the price to exit a downtrend, that is, to exit a wedge with significant buyer volume.

In order to understand further work, and the potential, figure out what manipulation REN1 - REN2 coin holders want to do.
+60% inside the wedge band. The price is at the resistance of the long-term formation (downtrend resistance). Important zone. Maybe a breakthrough impulse (continuation of the local uptrend, in other words, a pamp), but a pullback inside the band is not excluded. Therefore, protect the profit with a stop-loss.
Here's how the trend and this local zone look like on the line price chart.
from the level of 0.0556 (16) +113% (+111%) exactly to the level of 0.1196 (11/96) The same as on GRT.
Local uptrend after trend break. Huge squeeze volume (+60%) pullback back to the trend. It follows the market trend, due to liquidity it can "overtake" in the moment. Who trades locally use pullbacks and similar redemptions.

From the trend reversal 0.0556(16) level 0.1196 (11/96) is +113% (113). Look in the looking glass...
Local trend. The price is at the lower zone of the horizontal channel at its support. For local trading, it is important to break the descending line of the local trend (purple color). In general, this is the accumulation zone of this cryptocurrency.

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