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all investments are risky. My charts are just an example of what could happen they will not play out exactly.
I have been right on 12 cryptocurrencies in the past 3 months and made a fortune. The way the market's been going if there is a crypto-currency that has 5x or more potential it is happening. Social interaction is what you need to follow. Get in while you can so you can make some money. I've made 17 million dollars in 2 years.
In the past 3 months I have made 9 million dollars from buying low. Luna mask ALICE Solana MATIC BTC ETH doge shib and several others. I will be publishing my list of the next cryptocurrencies that will go in my portfolio in December for the 2022 bull run.
Right now the one to buy is REQ. The market cap it's only 247 million. Buy or don't it's your choice.
Sharing my knowledge on how to make the big money without holding forever. Learn, share & good luck