RHE exchange rate target price 0.7187usd...

AMEX:RHE   Regional Health Properties, Inc
The current level is 410% increase. The exchange rate is almost immobile, apart from some impulse movements. The movement moves on a reflected wave axis calculated from the ATR distance measured at the fractal points. The wave axis (green line) is obtained by adding the measured D1 ATR distance to the fractal point at the fractal points. This will give you the ATR wave rate of the exchange rate. Note: Not all cases are in the wave rate of the wave axis. There are no. It has an axis of a mirror in it. We expect the exchange rate to rise from this mirror axis. The expected size of the rise is obtained from the fractal dimension of the previous two impulses. We now expect impulse fractal . Based on current data 1: 1 fractal . At this point, the exchange rate may reach the 0.7187usd level. If the exchange rate drops on the axis of the ATR in the next few days, the strategy is defective.
Comment: 12: 1 RS is announced tonight on 31.12.2018. After that, all conditions were given before a significant rise in the exchange rate. It is worth to put it on the watch list, or look for an uphill after RS. Based on current ATR and speed parameters, we have reason to assume that even a very extreme rise is expected. As a target for the ascent, a 7usd level is also conceivable.