RIO let's look behind the graph.

NYSE:RIO   Rio Tinto Plc
RIO let's look behind the graph. The future of RIO TINTO looks good. Near Loznica in western Serbia, a mineral containing a significant percentage of lithium and boron was discovered in 2004, named Jadarite, after the Jadar River, in whose valley it was found.
The first exploration of jadarit began with the multinational company Rio Tinto, which soon established a subsidiary called Rio Sava Exploration. According to the company, the total reserve of jadarit in this part of Serbia is about 136 million tons, but optimistic estimates that it could be as high as 200 million tons.
Rio Tinto has launched the so-called “Jadar project,” in which it has invested about $ 200 million so far, but the total investment in the excavations and opening of the mines could reach $ 1.5 billion.
Representatives of both the company involved and the Serbian state have indicated that extraction should start in 2025 at the latest. Source: Private banker
The future value of the mined mineral layer could reach $ 300 billion. But what the technical analysis shows. The RIO price level has exited the accumulation phase that has been going on for many years and is preparing for a significant rise. It can also be seen that a fractal copy can take place over a period of months, so the long-term goal can reach 300 usd. Buying this stock may be ideal for investors who are thinking for a longer period of time.