SAP - Buy and Hold !

Good morning fellow investors, today i want to take a look at the german SAP. XETR:SAP

In the past i never published an analysis on german DAX30 stocks, for the future i want to take a look at the most famous german companies.
SAP is one of the german "big-tech" stocks and had the most astonishing performance in the last years.
Just a few days ago SAP had it's yearly earnings report in which they forecasted miserable years to come. This costed them -20% of market value at the german stockmarket open.

In my opinion SAP is extremely cheap and it would be a shame if this opportunity gets passed aside.
Last friday i decided to make a longterm investment in SAP and bought a considerable amount of shares.

Keep in mind that this is a buy and hold position - unleveraged and without a stop-loss.

Current setup:

Entry: 97.23$
Profit target: 150$ and more !
Stop-Loss: None - Buy and hold


If you have questions related to a specific stock or the Elliot Wave theory, feel free to contact me.
Trade active: Open as described - this is meant to be a longterm investment

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