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Sats per dollar is trending to zero. I'd sell USD ASAP , USD is beyond doomed.

Hold USD at your own risk, seek safety in sats .



Let us know when you buy groceries in sats instead of USD
Broom cheesywedges
@cheesywedges, why would I buy groceries with Sats? Isn't that what dollars are for? What is money to you, something to transact with? Or is it something to store value in through time.
@Broom, You want to seek safety in sats. If you have a $ to get bread today in dollar, you would have a $ to get bread tomorrow. If you have sats to get bread today, you might / might not have bread tomorrow. Do you get paid in $ or sats? Do you pay bread and butter in $ or sats? At the end of the day you are subjected to volatility by storing in sats. Where is the safety you seek?

"Hold USD at your own risk, seek safety in sats ." sounds cool, but not today. Probably somewhere in the future. What do you think?