SteemDollars Support & Resistance | Bulls Favored

BITTREX:SBDBTC   SteemDollars / Bitcoin
SBDBTC (SteemDollars) is now trading just above EMA200 and ranging in-between MA200 (support) and EMA300 (resistance)... Let's take a closer look at the chart!

As I just mentioned SBDBTC is trading within the black (MA200) and gray (EMA300) lines but going in favor of the bulls, why?

  • Since October 2019 SBD has been printing higher lows.
  • Prices are safely trading above MA200 as well as EMA10, EMA50, and other major moving average lines.
  • The MACD is on the bullish zone and starting to curve.
  • The RSI is strong/ bullish above 50 and positioned to move higher.
  • The smaller capped altcoins are extremely bullish and SBDBTC is part of this group.

You can find additional targets if you zoom out.
This is not financial advice.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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