Sia coin don't lose sight of it , it can generate good profits

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin

Look at that massive volume , preparation for another rally perhaps
the rally of december/january show the same characteristics
Another thing that give us an indication that soon the price will skyrocket
is the macd .What I noticed is the macd turn into nearly perfect horizontal line.
Here let me show you

I ask you this ,is this the right time to sell or buy.
I will fill my baskets.Good luck to us

If I helped you profit in anyway leave a like
and even perhaps tip me.That would hurt me in the slightest

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Latest but not least sia is a strong trade you're bond to make profits if you stay patient
check btw digibyte.

Until next time ,
peace out
Comment: Sia is doing good , fill your baskets before the take out
I already did
Comment: Sia is approaching an excellent price to to trade swing
buy around 183-186 sats and sell on 198-200.
Little profits while you wait for the big one to appear.

Later this day I will update you on Verge and EMC2 and make a trade on digibyte that one is a sleeping giant.

Until next time peace out
Trade active: you can swing trade now perfect chance for that now
some profits on the way are always nice.
exit by 200 sats
god luck
Comment: Things go as planned, You know what really helps when the market correcting
having a perspective let me explain

Sia previous high was around 605 sats
look where we are now 181 sats
I ask you this it this the right time sell or buy
I have my answer the question is do you ?

I will keep you updated ,
mean while feel free to check my other ideas out
Comment: hey guys,

Sia is at it again,testing out our patience
As I said you could trade swing before any signfact breakout occur.
180 sats ,good price to buy I would say fill your baskets.
I will give you more concrete idea today(targets etc.)

I will keep you updated
Comment: my target
Comment: we are in a bullishwick we will bounce back at the support lvl 180 sats,
bullishwick drives weak hands out.So on hold on.It's just a phase
Comment: Grimm but possibly

sia could go as low as 154 sats.

You could abandon ship for now and buy a little lower
or just hold because sia will go eventually(long term holders)

I will signal you when this idea becomes a reality and I will give a sign when we might have hit bottom.

I will keep you updated daily on this one
Comment: We will see sia green shortlly while ,takes the profits one the way
and exit before the drops hits.

What I would do is :
buy around 160 sats and sell around 185 stas
and exit before the drops hits to 150 sats.
The last touches are made on wave c before wave D start.
you could ride with wave D and exit before wave E starts

I think sia will unflod in that way,
lets wait and see.
Will keep you updaten when wave D starts that will take sia to around 189 sats
Trade active: I think sia ,is preparing to go around to 189 region.
Fill your bags and sell 183-189 sats
goodluck to us
Trade active: It's going as planned ;)
Comment: Nice following the pattern

here a bigger perspective of sia
cleaner ou tlook
You see sia is putting last touches on wave E
if breakout occurs thing will be interesting !!!! I will give my targets
Comment: Things for sia are get smooth for now
Sia will be shortly green again to put wave d finally to rest and go to wave E
Trade active: Targets reached 180 sats
Drop is next,wave E will start
we can go to 150 sats region.

Buy order

160-150 sats
good luck to us
Comment: Good news for sia

I really agreed with that ,digibyte had a good run , sia is next
Comment: Things are going smoothly for sia
Wave E is nicely progressing for sia
it could go like this

Comment: wave E still in progress .

Try to by as close to 150 sats
Comment: Sia is on an amazing price:)

Things are going exceptionally well:
The drop has finally come.
Wave E halfway.

We're close guys ,
I want to see a convincing breakout like doge did,you can see that on my open trade on doge
Comment: The drop was more tenacious than I thought but still we're heading eventually
the same way and that's is up
look at that drop phuhh

More details regarding this on the way!
Comment: Sia is taking hits after hits,the drop is really nasty,
But it's not for long


nice chart i will follow this please update if you something else thanks
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@Zetax12, I will update it gladly follow .I will tag you when it's ready
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Thanks for the update @Sir_DURZO really appreciate it
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@bosamfo, it's my pleasure
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