SIA : SiaCoin - A fresh look : Bull & bear (key battle soon)

KRAKEN:SCUSD   Siacoin / U. S. Dollar
SIA : SiaCoin - A fresh look : Bull & bear (key battle soon)

Last wee SC analysis on here got banned. @@ i may have swore too much.

Ok so here you can see whats been mulling around in my head, for where we are macro fractal wise. I like this as it highlights a potential price point for a bull / bear showdown where it would be good to risk off. if you have been spot riding this up.

Lots have gone super defensive here, but this i think is the ledge halfway up on the parabola there locally. Then decision point macro wise.

Long bear or sharp extraordinary bull continuation to climax.

*let us pray for the latter

Under his eye
Comment: here we go, moment of truth
Comment: sia chose violence
Comment: so anyone still following this. that whole movement could have been a muted green fractal there. so we may moon here. thats the positive way of looking at it. or its an exaggerated fall..
the way things are looking prob first option.