SEIC Going Up or Down? Mixed Feeling

NASDAQ:SEIC   SEI Investments Company

Core APP:
Investor Confidence Level: 50%
Reason: No Economic Moat
Over-Valued according to 10.41% EPS Growth
Fair Value: $26.65

Death Cross just appear... expect to go lower and break Support
Looking at $69 at Support, and Resistance at $77
Next Support $64.50
Holding Period: 1 month
Potential Gain: $8
Wait for Golden Cross

RSI: OverSell
Stochastic Full: OverSell

EMA 20,50: short term downtrend
EMA 200: long term uptrend
Volume of trade: Normal

Market Sentimental: Consolidation (Investors are confused)

*Not a recommendation to buy or sell, case study only.*

Options available