SELB Selecta Biosciences, Inc.

NASDAQ:SELB   Selecta Biosciences, Inc
The chart pattern tells a story. Does not predict but the story is worth reading about......................
In 2016 the company was founded a $230 million company working on Gene Therapy. After 4 years people started to give up on the company.

But in June 2020 they signed a huge deal ........
signing a $630 million agreement with Sobi , which gives $100 million upfront and tiered royalties

Potential of ImmTOR technology platform in a wide variety of gene therapy and biologic treatments is massive.

It's not everyday a small biotech can get $100 million upfront for a treatment that hasn’t even entered Phase 3 yet. The data illustrates the flexibility of the platform. Currently, pegylated uricases are approved therapies for the treatment of gout that bring in over a billion dollars a year in sales. However, their efficacy and safety are limited due to anti-drug antibodies that the body develops over time. Simply, using ImmTOR in combination with uricase could solve the antibody issue and only requires monthly dosing instead of bi-weekly like the standard of care. Data from the Phase 2 dosing study illustrates the ability to stop anti-drug antibody development as well as relief of flares over time. Top line data from the Phase 2 clinical trial in head to head with standard of care (COMPARE) will be available Q3 2020.

The story is clear SELB has made a break through
SELB technology platform has now solidified its value with this $630 million partnership. Indications are ImmTOR could help treat a tremendous number of health issues. It is trading at almost cash levels with several partnerships and a recently signed lucrative deal with Sobi that gives Selecta a good chance of getting the Gout fix to market,which is enough to increase the price 4x. But larger still is the possibility that ImmTOR could resolve many other medical issues provides this company with a 20x possible proce increase within two years. The stock is currently trading at a ridiculously low market cap of only ~$230 million. I don’t think it will be undervalued for long.