SFG buying dip or catching falling knife !?

OMXTSE:SFG1T falling more than 3% on Q2'20 report published after Friday's trading session.
RSI getting close to oversold conditions (<30)
In theory, next months should see more shops in operation than Q2'20, but revenues anyway will be lower compared to Q3'19
Q2'20 report indicated positive margins ( EBIT and EBITDA) which can be viewed by optimists as a bullish sign
Uncertainty in Belarus could be a risk factor for production factory located in turbulent state.
50 SMA at 1.63 and 200 SMA (level that historically has shown good benchmark which eventually is reached) at 1.89 eur/share
Too early point for logical analysis, but if one wants to beat the market, this could be the right entry moment