Surgery Partners going to fall!

NASDAQ:SGRY   Surgery Partners, Inc
In the picture, the red candle is bigger than the green candle before it. The red candle is overtaking the green candle, meaning its bottom of its body is lower than the green candle's, and its top of its body is higher than the green candle's. This means it will go in a downtrend, as it has yesterday. I am not telling you to sell but just be aware of this.

SGRY usually recovers from these falls though as if you zoom out you can see. I have also marked two instances where this happened just a few days ago. It fell down a few dollars(shown with markings), then came back up, and then fell again(shown with arrows), and the came back up to where it was 3 days ago, and now it might fall again. I am keeping my share of this, but be careful as it can change very quickly. Keep and eye on today's market and see how it does.