SHIBarmy breaks 7000?! On the way to 8400!?? Then $0.0001

The banksters on Wall Street must be going, 40% gain! HALT, HALT! LOL Meanwhile, worldwhile cryptopennyflippers are dog piling this crypto aiming to do a 1000X with their worthless FIAT pennies. They are so worthless, pennies are BANNED in my country. We need new Penny! Make SHIB the new penny and DOGE the new dollar! DONE! Bitcoin is for the ultra rich, nations, large corporate treasuries etc.

The people's coins are the loyal, trusted dogs led by mommy DogE led by DogEFather, "kid with the big rockets" SpaceX mission to the moon funded by DogE Shiba inu. Guarded against Wall Street with little SHIB that is running circles around the banksters and their puppets.

Own some Bitcoin , Ethereum , Dogecoin and Shiba ! Once Shima takes a breather, I'll take one as well from SHIB. In the meantime!

GO SHIBArmy to 8400, then preach the 9000 lines toward this next 24-48 touchdown at or near 0.001.

Enjoy the ride. Please get off at the top and if you don't, have some puke bags ready for the nice ride down. This one might be a screamer! LOL I might jump off a bit to get ear plugs! LOL
Trade closed: target reached: We did it! In 8 hours, overtook the 8400 target! Didn't make it to the 9000s just yet but this sideways uptrend consolidation is nice. Tempting to get back in with 100% stake again but the risks are increasing as the hype continues to be all there. Poor real dog DOGe . Once we can put a deposit for a cybertruck with DOGE but not SHIB, the world will see the difference :-)