SHIB/USDT Main trend (part). Psychology in the market.

The main trend (part). The timeframe is 3 days. I finished the missing part of the chart with a marker. Fractal structure. At the moment, the drain from the peak of the pampa is about -70%. From the exit of the downtrend, a sideways pattern (horizontal channel 55%) began to form. Which may become the second phase of the cup pattern (as before) in case this sideways zone is held. The base of the cup is 300%.

Coin on the coin market: SHIBA INU (SHIB)

Last time (2 pumps) the stick pulled in a price of about +300%, absorbed all sales and then pummeled a total of +1500%.

Let me remind you, the very first pamp (1 pamp without liquidity, few people knew about the coin) was about +4000% Probably you understand that with the growth of price and liquidity of the instrument pamp significantly decreases in % ratio for obvious reasons.

Orient yourself adequately, also remember the price is now even though it is holding in a channel, but it is still in significant profit. Take it into account in your trading strategy and risk management.

[Trade according to the algorithms of your trading strategy, based on your experience and risk management, rather than emotional overreactions. Don't be a pixel of a controlled psycho-emotional market herd.

Right now, the price from the average set price of the previous accumulation zone is about +250% (similar to how the accumulation you are running on the chart earlier was also after the plunge at a maximum of +250% after the first plunge).

My past closed and public trade ideas on this coin (publications in the accumulation zone).

Closed. Working in accumulation (position established due to trading in the channel).
Mid-term work on SHIB/USDT

Closed. First planned target on exit from accumulation. 0,00003501
SHIB/USDT Main Trend (part)

Public. Fractal analysis with a DOGE clone
Notice where the marker markup ends on the chart, to the right of the trading idea itself.
SHIB/USDT 1 day - DOGE/USDT 1 week Fractal structures

Trading is the ultimate psychology, understanding people's desires and, as a consequence, their future actions through numbers and charts without contact with the people themselves.

Zone for local work now (channel formation). Timeframe 1 day.
I would like to add that the accumulation zone itself, which forms a horizontal channel, can be as long as you want (as long as you need), also it is logical to assume that stops will “wave” from time to time. Also, remember that even though the coin is in a sideways trend, it is in significant profit, even now after the plunge in the secondary trend.

You should not ask anyone where to buy/sell this or that crypto-asset. You should initially know for yourself under what conditions you will buy and under what conditions you will sell.

And how do you look at this probability?
Are you more comfortable with the first option, or something like that?

Is the wedge better, or the bowl? You know, thoughts and wishes have a way of coming true, dream about it, maybe your option will come true too. But always know, the average market participant (over 90%) even knowing somehow what will happen with a high degree of probability, will want to earn a little more—will lose everything or the waiting time will “kill faith” (his dreams).

After all, most market participants don't trade, they buy and “dream”. As a rule, they don't wait for their dreams to come true. It's worth noting that most buy crypto at a high price and by fiat, without their own understanding. This usually ends sadly. Such is the psychology of behavior.

Bursts of human joy and depression are displayed on the chart by volatility , that is, your potential earnings .

Attached beneath the idea are all my trading ideas on this miracle-yudo-monet almost from the beginning of its trading.
Comment: price drop exactly to the level of 22 and from it growth of +35% to the level of 295. To the support of the inner channel and to its resistance (the main liquidity zone) Large buyer volume.
Comment: After the price stopped for 6 days at the support zone of the sideways trend - the level of 2050. At the time of the market drain 9-11 (Bitcoin dump, LUNA evaporation), they similarly lowered the price of this altcoin with a squeeze to yellow (reversal) level 917.

The variant with the formation of a large wedge (liquid zone) has entered into force, a large downward channel is in the entire range. There is a fractal similarity that can be realized within 3 weeks if the market trend allows (the rationality of one or another action depending on other circumstances).
Comment: Further development of the price movement in the descending channel. Pivot zones. Timeframe 1 day
Comment: Clamping. The price is near the resistance zone of the downtrend. There is an increased local volatility in the last day + -10%

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