SHIBArmy, Push past 5000s to 6483 and hold the line! Help DOGE!

SHIBArmy! Good job on raiding Wall Street Banksters. They are surrounded. No futures on this doggie, no ETFs, no paper to wipe this puppies butt! It's on fire ladies and gentlemen. Freeriding off amazing gains has never been so fine. Enjoy the ride up. When the masses want your shares, be nice and share. Keep at them, tell your friend to become SHIB millionaires and be part of the wall street BURN.

They print, we BURN! LOL

We need some soldiers from SHIBarmy to assist Mother of all mothers, Shiba Inu Dogecoin . The older gal is about to wake up to be named astronaut by her DogeFather. Don't miss the cheap tickets for the announcements, Just 25-26 pennies each! You can also buy a Tesla with Doge, WOW. Put aside $10K in DOGE today to afford a $50K Tesla in 4 months? SURE! $15K now in DOGE for a Cybertruck? SURE!

Get your Ticket to Shiba Inu's Rocket TODAY! 4 tickets per dollar, 400 tickets per $100. Take 25% of the massive gains on SHIB and PLEASE go help mommy! She should not be harmed, she should be honored and the god of dogs and the dogs of gods. OK, ok, sorry, I'm getting too passionate again. LOL

Taking gradual profits but don't find the charts of the trends... should be safe to near 7000s, charts will tell...

Trade closed: target reached: 6500 target reached. Puppy running a little hot, dropping down to core speculative HODL with jello soft hands at 9000s. ETH, DOGE and BTC are the next possible runners one this little fake megahyped Shiba Inu takes a break. LOL It's the sputnik version of Elon's Rocket DOGE.

Unloved, neglected, Queen DogE for the People will rise from her ashes! Like all strong mothers do! YEAH!!!!