Silver Hold Support

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This is a 32 Years Silver Chart.... In This Silver Make a high in 1980. and in same Pattern in 2011... at that time resistance... this time shows support again and again ... By This Charts Sell Only Below 25$ with very Small Stop Loss... Over all 2012 Silver Range is 25$ to 37.50$...


Silver On Dot Support .......Nice
in 2011-2012 I Buy Every Time Near 27$ and sell around 33$-34$... According to same chart ....
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thx .... i am buyer only on every dip .... with small quantity ..... according to my margin capacity..... worst case 17$ in my mind for silver....... and for gold 1310$
I'm impressed that we have data here at TradingView going back that far. The way I see the silver market set-up, I would treat breakdowns as flush-outs of weak longs in a long term bull market. This market is not structurally the same as the 1979 bull market in silver. I would argue that we are more similarly set-up as the post-1974 high in silver where prices worked their way sideways for the following 4-years. If you end up selling the bottom end of the range, then you will have risk that is upside down. High risk and low return trades will be the norm if you sell breakdowns in silver on a monthly chart, in my opinion. I'm commenting from a long term, fundamental bullish perspective that I've had since 2003 in this market. The bull market in silver has a similar market from the past, and that is the gold market in the 1970's. There was a strong, fundamental bull market in gold in the 1970's which was enhanced by the speculative fury of OPEC and out of control inflation in the US, but underlying it all was a solid, demand-driven bull market for gold. I have Jim Rogers to thank me for making me aware of this from his chapter in Market Wizards, by Jack Schwager. So, since I disagree with this trade ideal, I'll just vote that I'd buy the breakdown OR I would sell short on strength (a rally above a previous month high, for example) and cover breaking under a previous month's low. All the best. Tim