A Pressure Pot Filled With Nitrogen

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Silver continues it's building pattern towards a release of pressure.
Today we are told that core inflation came in at the highest reading of 30 years in May.
But this is transitory says the Fed....

What will it take for this farce to become realty to the masses?
An utter wipeout of their paper wealth!

The Fed has almost eight TRILLION on their balance sheet .
The U.S treasury has 261 Million Oz of gold .
At current levels. for the Fed to clear their account, it would take a gold price of $30,000.
What does this mean for silver?....if the gold/silver ratio reverts to 20 or less...$1500 per Oz.

Remember that this is based on the current balance sheet which has already started it's explosion.
What insane situation will the Fed find itself come 12 months?

Also, whenever gold and silver go overshoot...expect incredible prices surpassing my estimates.
It is the endgame upon us...ignore the Fed and media lies.

Although cryptos are in my heart and part of the great escape, please tread caution.
There have been an surge in hacks and compromises of companies and systems..conditioning.
We are "informed" by main stream media that a group called "REvil" R the culprits.
Originating in Eastern Europe or Russia...they extort payment of crypto.

Crypto of course is the payment means of terrorists and criminals they tell you.
Who are the real criminals???
You might see where this is going?
So called terrorists have been ultra quiet since Covid broke. They of course comply with regulations on wearing masks, social distancing and not destroying lives.

A cyber attack of magnitude is being prepared.
The impact will dwarf "covid"...internet shutdown is their solution.
Cryptos will be to blame....anybody holding non anonymous crypto could find their dream outlawed.
A reset or reboot will allow their utopian, digital world...valid.

This is why we sleep soundly at night, knowing that a greater part of our wealth, PMs, is maintained by our own control, outside of the system...very difficult to track, hack or steal.

It's at the least to be prudent and to prepare now.

Good trading!


1500 dollars is too crazy, looking forward to for a long time
Is $1500/oz silver your liberal or conservative estimate? How is it possible to go $1500/oz? Can you explain a little more please?
catzineco Se7enSkies
@Se7enSkies, bro I've just seen your 600 projection.. so it's not THAT far. But I agree, it would be nice to see the 1500 explanation
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Fractal777 Se7enSkies
@Se7enSkies, This is conservative figure on today's Fed balance sheet of almost eight trillion.
We divide 8T by 261M of U.S treasury Oz of gold and that equates just over 30,000.
This is at today's insanity...the longer the Fed buys up or prints it's economy...the higher the gold price.
Silver is around 67 times undervalued...the real ratio is around 10.
Let's call the ratio at say 20...divide 30,000 by 20...1500.

Silver at 20 ratio and with debt certain to go much higher is a conservative figure.....also factor in the manic crowd in an overshoot.

So 50 times today's grossly undervalued asset is crazy?

When BTC hit $1000 there were calls for $10,000 crazy number...I have followed BTC since 0.35 cents....180,000 times your money.

The most undervalued asset on earth will breeze past $1000...30 times your investment.

There will be a stampede to safety and all those prudent, patient precious metal holders will be rewarded.
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Bloedrivier Fractal777
@Fractal777, Not so crazy, I agree. However, the real dilemma for the Pm investor is going to be that he is NOT going to want to sell silver for $1,500 fiat / oz if this plays out. Fiat will be worthless. What might be worth swapping for in this case? Guns & Ammo, medicine,... ? It will be interesting to see how it will play out. Not looking forward to it tbh.
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Fractal777 Bloedrivier
@Bloedrivier, Very good point...a dilemma indeed.
Depends on how fast inflation goes compared to the Pm prices.
If Pm prices race to manic levels before crazy inflation, then it might be prudent to cash in some of them and swap for real other assets.
Or another scenario could be that if their digital utopia is embedded into our lives....folks will desire Pm to stay private and drive the prices crazy.
It's all possible plays...but people need these Pm assets in their possesion before they play the next level of the game.
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Bloedrivier Fractal777
@Fractal777, Agreed. Yup, physical is freedom or the closest we're going to get to it for a while. Where is the fiat when you need it? Lol!
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@Fractal777 beautiful comment
Fractal777 Se7enSkies
@Se7enSkies, Thank you!